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A Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence led by the University of Maryland


A very good example of a region which passed through all the three waves of democratization is the Middle East. During the 15th century it was a part of the Ottoman Empire. In the 19th century, "when the empire finally collapsed [...] towards the end of the First World War, the Western armies finally moved in and occupied the region". [48] This was an act of both European expansion and state-building in order to democratize the region. However, what Posusney and Angrist argue is that, "the ethnic divisions [...] are [those that are] complicating the U.S. effort to democratize Iraq". This raises interesting questions about the role of combined foreign and domestic factors in the process of democratization. In addition, Edward Said labels as 'orientalist' the predominantly Western perception of "intrinsic incompatibility between democratic values and Islam". Moreover, he states that "the Middle East and North Africa lack the prerequisites of democratization". Get To Buy Sale Online Discount Inexpensive Valentino Woman Embellished Chantilly Lace Silk Mini Dress White Size 40 Valentino Discount For Nice Qqt9mqufq

Fareed Zakaria has examined the security interests benefited from Vans Vault OG sneakers White Omc Cheap Footaction rtmB8Uvz8D
, pointing out the link between levels of democracy in a country and of terrorist activity. Though it is accepted that poverty in the Muslim world has been a leading contributor to the rise of terrorism, Zakaria has noted that the primary terrorists involved in the attacks were among the upper and upper-middle classes. Zakaria has suggested that the society in which Al-Qaeda terrorists lived provided easy money, and therefore there existed little incentive to modernize economically or politically. [50] With little opportunity to express themselves in the political sphere, scores of young Arab men were "invited to participate" [51] through another avenue: the culture of Elinor Womens Ankle Boots JB Martin Discount Official Site Cheap Low Cost Clearance Shop Offer Buy Cheap Price Cheap View n9bKOLiA
. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism and its violent expression on September 11, 2001 illustrates an inherent need to express oneself politically, and a democratic government or one with democratic aspects (such as political openness) is quite necessary to provide a forum for political expression.

Larry Pardy observed that governments are motivated by political power, which is generated by two factors: legitimacy and means. The legitimacy of a democratic government is achieved through the consent of the population through fair and open elections while its financial means are derived from a healthy tax base generated by a vibrant economy. Economic success is based on a free market economy with the following elements: property rights, a fair and independent judiciary, security, and the rule of law. The core elements that support economic freedom convey the same basic rights onto individuals. Conversely, there can be no rule of law for investors when governments crack down on political opponents and no property rights for industry when personal wealth can be arbitrarily seized.

What’s more, many situations in traditional companies evoke feelings not unlike an inmate’s uncertainty about her worth and her intensified need for respect. Consider someone working in a low-status occupation or for a company undergoing a change in leadership that raises questions about whether employees will continue to be valued. The need for both owed and earned respect—and the validation they confer—are key factors shaping workers’ attitudes and behaviors across a variety of employment situations.

In all but the most toxic workplaces, building a respectful organization does not demand an overhaul of HR policies or any other formal changes. Rather, what’s needed is ongoing consideration of the subtle but important ways in which owed and earned respect can be conveyed. Here are seven small ones leaders and managers can use to make an outsize impact on workers.

Every employee should feel that his or her dignity is recognized and respected. This is especially important for lower-level workers. In a study of being valued or devalued at work, conducted by Jane Dutton (of the University of Michigan), Gelaye Debebe (George Washington University), and Amy Wrzesniewski (Yale), many hospital cleaners described seemingly subtle cues that prompted them to feel that their worth was enhanced or diminished. Some cleaners were never acknowledged by other staff members, making them feel invisible or as though they were looking in on hospital operations from the outside. Others reported a boost in energy and worth from a doctor’s simply greeting them or holding a door. Even in prestigious companies, issues of owed respect are top of mind. An Apple sales associate described his first impression of the company’s CEO in a 2011 blog: “For Tim Cook there are no dumb questions. When he answered me he spoke to me as if I were the most important person at Apple. Indeed, he addressed me as if I were Steve Jobs himself. His look, his tone, the long pause…that’s the day I began to feel like more than just a replaceable part. I was one of the tens of thousands of integral parts of Apple.” Take a moment to consider whether your professional status is keeping you from perceiving a gap in respect, and note that simple acknowledgment or praise from a leader is often enough to make an employee feel valued.

Whether we are leaders or coworkers, we can all shape an environment where colleagues reinforce respectful cues and make social worth a day-to-day reality for one another. Research points to specific behaviors that convey owed respect, such as active listening and valuing diverse backgrounds and ideas. For leaders, delegating important tasks, remaining open to advice, giving employees freedom to pursue creative ideas, taking an interest in their nonwork lives, and publicly backing them in critical situations are some of the many behaviors that impart respect.

Pay attention to norms about how to convey respect; they may vary, even from one department to another. Perhaps people in your previous workplace signaled owed respect by exchanging morning pleasantries with colleagues, but those in your new workplace would find that a rude distraction during the critical start to the workday. Or maybe in your prior environment providing both praise and critical feedback during practice sessions for client presentations was considered an expression of earned respect, but your current colleagues would see that as offensive.

Microsculpture is a unique exhibition that presents insects like never before. The clarity and detail in the three metre prints brings normally unseen beauty to the audience, allowing them to study these stunning creatures in minute detail. The exhibition provides unique visual experience and celebrates the beauty of the natural world.

The Microsculpture exhibition is available to hire in various sizes and formats, for further information please email Quality For Sale Free Shipping Cheap Pay With Visa Jc Main Coll Womens Boots Just Cavalli FJnZRd

For print sales please visit Buy Sale Online Outlet Largest Supplier Sutton Canvas And Glossedleather Espadrilles Orlebar Brown Buy Cheap Ebay Cheap Price In China Sast Sale Online Q3cRL
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Current exhibition:


Darmstadt, Germany 4th May - 5th August 2018

The second show of 2018 is now open in Germany at the Hessischer Landesmuseum. Undoubtedly one of the most atmospheric displays of the Microsculpture project so far, the exhibition includes all of the giant prints, interactive touchscreens and real insects. Also on display are a range of beautiful crafted haptic models that enable the viewer to touch and feel the contours and textures of the microscopic forms, a wonderful addition to the show! The exhibition is open for three months so if you are in the Frankfurt area make time to pop along to Darmstadt and experience the giant bugs! The Microsculpture exhibition is also still on show at Naturama in Denmark and closes 25th November, so there is plenty of time to catch that exhibition too.

Svendborg, Denmark 6th February - 25th November 2018

The first Microsculpture exhibition of 2018 is now open in Svendborg in Denmark. After a hugely successful show at the Natural History Museum in Copenhagen, the giant insects will be staying in Denmark for another 10 months! At the same time Microsculpture will be exhibited at the Hessischer Landesmueum in Darmstadt, Germany between 4th May - 5th August 2018. If that is not enough, Microsculpture will be travelling to the USA later in the year, details of which will be posted on and Levon’s social media channels. Stay tuned for an exciting 2018!


Basel, Switzerland 1st September - 29th October 2017

A section of the Microsculpture works are currently being shown at the Natural History Museum of Basel in Switzerland. Providing a contrast in scale, the giant photographic prints are displayed alongside some of the museums fine insect collection. The show is open until the end of October so don’t leave it too late to get along and see it for yourself! This Basel show will also coincide with the publication of the Microsculpture book, published by Abrams on the 10th October. Keep an eye out on the Microsculpture website and Levon’s social media channels to find out more about book events.


Copenhagen, Denmark 18th May - 19th November 2017

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